About me


This is a link to a the youtube video that I made on November 12th 2020 to show some of the images that I have chosen from many drawings of dancers that I have been doing since 2015.

My life has been a juggling act since I was 25 when I started teaching and playing the violin for a living and began to practise drawing, painting and printmaking in my spare time. In 1992 I took a Foundation course at Oxford Brookes University and then a BA at Cheltenham College of Art in 1995. In 2015 I  completed an MA in drawing, again at Oxford Brookes University. Since then it's been back to juggling again!
I will draw anything - landscape, still life,  figures,  but drawing people has always been my favourite. It is generally impossible  hard to stare at people and draw them  but since 1995 I have been involved with drawing dancers, principally with www.LukeBrownDance.com.  We have started a group for other artists called Bodies in Motion: (@bodiesinmotion) . Since lockdown this group has  been working online weekly and has also shared  a collaboration with the artists and dancers of  Creative Performances in New York USA.